Scheme for Her Empowerment

What is SHE?

The program Scheme for Her Empowerment in Engineering education (SHE) is initiated at GCE Kannur which was the change project undertaken under AICTE- UKERI scheme. On identification of the burning need of empowering the girl students of GCE Kannur, it was decided to take a more assertive role in imparting them the exposure and experience they need to eventually fulfill their career demands and to assume leadership roles facing all challenges. The SHE program proposes to enable our girl students to realize how much potential and support they require to be great leaders in technical fields. The coordinators of SHE program have well identified the value of our resourceful alumni and have ensured their fruitful participation in gathering suggestions and information. The other promising contributors to the program are the teaching fraternity of GCEK, resource persons from external agencies and experts from different walks of life. The SHE program also seeks all the support from PTA and the HRD Cell of GCEK.

Our Vision

To create professionally successful and personally fulfilled women engineers.

Our Initiatives

Upcoming Events

GetFit with SHE

Hey there! SHE GCEK in association with Department of Physical Education, GCE Kannur proudly presents

GetFit with SHE - A 5 day Fitness Session

Since the lockdown and amidst all the chaos of the online classes and assignments, most of us had unknowingly slipped into a sedentary lifestyle with little to no physical activity. Hence, it's important that we take some time, once in a while to care for our physical health.

The session will be handled by,
Dr. Jasmine Joseph
HoD, Department of Physical Education, GCE Kannur

Make use of this opportunity and get yourself registered with the form below!


Hey there! SHE GCEK in association with WE-Connect(GCEK alumna group) proudly presents

We4U - Best Outgoing Woman Engineer Award.
Exclusively for final year female students of GCEK!

• Nominations may be submitted by students or teachers of GCEK. Self-nominations are also welcome.


Displays excellence in academics with at least 6.0 as the CGPA. With 7.5 and above as 100%, 7.0-7.49 as 90%, 6.5-6.95 as 80%, 6.0-6.95 as 70% weightages.

Initiative in organising events/conferences at college and intercollegiate levels.

Participation/Winning in cultural/sports/tech events activities representing the college. KTU points will have additional weightage.

Contributing to activites that help in making society a better place and connect with people.