<Dev-Web> : Web Development Bootcamp

A 10 days Web Development Bootcamp organized by SHE for first and second year girl students of GCEK.

Date: 20th - 28th June 2021

This bootcamp provided peer to peer learning experience for the students to learn front-end web development with proper guidance from our alumnae. Out of the applicants, 30 girls were selected. Learning materials based on HTML,CSS and JS were provided as video tutorials made by our own team. Live doubt clearance and interactive sessions were also conducted. They were given tasks with deadlines in which submission has to be done on GitHub so that they get familiarised with GitHub also.


Webify : Interactive sessions with Industry experts

Why learn web Development?

Ms Anjala Jose
Director of operations | WEAMSE Business Solutions

Date: 20th June 2021

Design Thinking in Website Building

Ms Daina Emmanuel
Director | Xperi Technologies

Date: 25th June 2021