What Is SHE?

The SHE program proposes to enable our girl students to realize how much potential and support they require to be great leaders in technical fields. The coordinators of SHE program have well identified the value of our resourceful alumni and have ensured their fruitful participation in gathering suggestions and information. The other promising contributors to the program are the teaching fraternity of GCEK, resource persons from external agencies and experts from different walks of life. The SHE program also seeks all the support from PTA and the HRD Cell of GCEK.

We started off with SHE in the beginning of 2019 with a very few girls and today more than half of the girl students of our college are actively involved in taking SHE to heights to be on par with other student organizations in the college.


SHE GCEK is headed by,

1. Dr. Vandana Sreedharan Coordinator
2. Dr. C Sreekumar Supporting Faculty
3. Dr. A Ranjith Ram Supporting Faculty
4. Ms. Liyana Sahir Student Coordinator

and the team comprises a vibrant community of girls of GCEK.

All our members are extremely talented and highly skillful. Be it technical or non- technical work, the girls are capable of doing anything and everything. It was in August 2020 that we officially came up with our first Executive Committee, a bunch of young high spirited girls.