On 13th March 2023, a GATE EXAM information session was conducted by SHE GCEK for the students from 4:00 - 5:30 PM. The purpose of the programme was to make them aware of GATE and its opportunities. The event was open for all students of GCEK. The session was handled by Ms. Liyana Sahir, GCEK 2016-20, MTech AI, IISC Bangalore, GATE AIR 10. She gave a clear idea on the importance of the GATE exam. She also highlighted the benefits of studying in IISc, their programs and courses and discussed about the supernumerary quota for women and the various women-only fellowships. There were around 70 participants for the event. It was an interactive and informative session where the students were able to clear all their queries regarding GATE and also to learn about the possibilities of doing post graduation. The event was a great success.


A 10 days Web Development Bootcamp was organised by SHE exclusively for 2k21 batch girls of GCEK. This bootcamp provided peer to peer learning experience for the students to learn front-end web development with proper mentoring. Out of the applicants, 18 girls were selected. Learning materials based on HTML,CSS and JS were provided as video tutorials made by our own team. Live doubt clearance and interactive sessions with industrial experts were also conducted. They were given tasks with deadlines in which submission has to be done on GitHub so that they get familiarised with GitHub also. The bootcamp was successful in establishing a forum where the girls could actively ask their doubts with their peers and have an active exchange of ideas.



An icebreaking/chit-chat session titled "GAMES'N BLUES'' was conducted by SHE GCEK on 4th January 2023 at 4:15 PM.
It was mainly focused on interacting with the 1st year students. The event started with the self introductions by the students. Two games were also conducted.
Along with these a JAM competition was also conducted to improve their verbal skills. The program overall helped the students to interact with each other and also to know more about SHE.