An evaluation of the available statistics depicts a glowing picture on the academic status of our female students in the state owned engineering colleges. However the unpleasant truth is that a good number of these female academic achievers fail to shine later on in their carrier and number of alumnae who dwell in the lead roles in jobs are only handful. Numerous studies from the work place have revealed that many female engineers enter the engineering work place and they choose to leave because of lack of peers and mentors and they fail to occupy technical leadership position. This dire reality has forced us to put some serious thoughts on the puzzling question “Why So Few?”. And we have identified the burning need to take a more assertive role in imparting our women students, the exposure and experience they need to eventually fulfill their carrier demands and to assume leadership roles facing all challenges. With this backdrop, the program Scheme for her Empowerment in Engineering education (SHE) is envisaged.


To create professionally successful and personally fulfilled women engineers.



1. To promote diverse opportunity to develop technical capabilities and talents among female engineering students.

2. To develop student leaders who will be the torch bearers for SHE and to build a self help community for women in engineering in all engineering colleges

3. To initiate a move for women empowerment in the technical education field of Kerala


1. To encourage women engineers to take up leadership roles and to have sustained carrier growth

2. To promote greater enrolment of girls in engineering and to ensure higher ratio of employable female engineers

3. To ensure a global platform for women engineers in engineering institutions in Kerala to share, grow and support


The SHE program is now being launched at the state and polytechnic level as the support from the government is sought for its expansion and growth.

Fig. The sequence of action for starting SHE at each college